il_570xN.463518549_njsp   I woke up today thinking about this quote from one of my favorite movies. I have seen this a lot lately…people being presented with a magical moment, a gift from the universe that is beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and holds within it the seeds of the life they’ve always wanted. Then, they run. THEY RUN away from the very thing they say they want because getting it will require change. Risk. Growing pains. Letting go of shit that no longer serves them. The fear of the unknown is too great so they let their fear rule them and miss out on the gift they’ve been offered. Not accepting the blessings of the universe is indeed a sin. It’s a sin and like rest of this quote says, it will haunt you like a curse. For goodness sake, this life is too damn short to stay stuck. Grab your bootstraps, pull yourself up and go after that thing you want. And when life hands you a moment like this? Reach back….grab on…don’t let go.


It’s a sin.

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