Give me a Reason

 Ahhh relationships…they can be the best things to happen when they are right and the most painful when they are wrong. I was chatting with a friend this morning about relationships and dating, as a strong woman in the modern day. So many times, we strong women get a bad rap. We are strong, so we are seen as controlling, dominating, overbearing and tough. Men often see us as intimidating and as so self-sufficient, that they don’t think we “need” them. Strong women often wonder why they are still single because they really are pretty awesome, but their dance card is empty. In our chat, we talked about often, strong women, really want a man who is STRONGER than she is. She mentioned the song “Glory Box” by Portisehead which says “give me a reason to be a woman”.

The thing is….masculine men like feminine women. They like women who are soft, vulnerable, gentle, and who will openly received their strength. Feminine women like a man who is strong and who can weather the storms of life with her confidently. A strong feminine, woman, even though she is capable of making her own way, making her own decisions, ultimately wants a man that she can surrender to; a man that is stronger than she is and that she can trust with herself.

So manly men out there that love a strong woman: give us a reason to be a woman. Give us a safe place to let down our guard. Be gentle enough to hold us but strong enough to push back when needed. Be confident enough to make bold decisions, take us by the hand and guide us. Give us a place where we can lay our head, knowing that you will protect us (body, heart, soul) and that we can rest confidently in your arms.

To Love.



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