The sociopath exit strategy

Dating a Sociopath

Sociopaths are very predictable creatures. It might seem a shock to you, the sudden ending of the sociopath departure. But this is just an illusion, just like everything else in the sociopath box of tricks.


Unlike other relationships where there is warning, or fights and arguments, this part will be missing. Or when there are arguments leading up to the exit, you will be at a loss, what the arguments are about. After all the sociopath will pick a fight with you, over nothing at all. The week before the sociopath exit you will notice

  • Edgy behaviour
  • Picking fights over nothing at all
  • An attempt to sleep with you one last time night before
  • After a huge fight – that is about nothing you have done – the sociopath leaves
  • You will be surprised that when the sociopath does leave – despite there might be tears (or might not) on…

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