Love poem from a narcissist

A love poem from a narcissist

It was love at first sight.

You captured my attention

From across the room.

I caught your eye and

with a sly comment,

Your interest.

I drew you closer

Like a magnet, pulled you in

I peered deep into your eyes

And managed to touch your soul.

You let me in

And I loved it.

Finally, someone who got me.

Someone who saw me

Someone who would love me


You became my mirror

I liked what I saw.

Even in light of my flaws

You didn’t reject me

You offered me space to become

Without forcing your agenda

Until my selfishness

Became too much.

The cracks started showing

A façade can only stand so long

You saw me for what I truly am

Your hurt disguised as anger

With me as cause, effect and cure

Until I wasn’t.

You picked up your chin

Put your shoulders square to mine

Reclaimed your dignity

walked away from me

Just as elegant as when you walked in.

I hated you.

Now, you simply pity me

While I try to stymie you

You refuse to play my game

I almost want to admire you

If my ego’d let me, I would.

I still hate you.

In you, I found myself.

I ate your soul

Became your beauty.

I sensed your vulnerability

Played the character

You wanted.

You are not my perfect reflection anymore

Because you reflect back the truth

And I am far too flawed to face myself

Embrace myself.

I love the image I’ve made

Don’t tear it down.

I’ll walk away

Pretend it was my choice to leave

Make you out to be the damaged one.

But I hate that we both know the truth

I was never

Good enough for you.


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