As Long As It Takes

weary warrior

weary warrior

I see you.
I see behind the defenses you’ve built
The roles you’ve assumed in this life.
I see the suffering you have carried.
The nights where you were lying in bed
by the monster in your dream
Your home
Your bed.

If I peer a little closer
I see the terror that still takes over
when you think of
letting your well-polished armor down
If exposing your heart would
become the biggest blessing
or last mistake.

When you take small steps toward me
telling me a secret
shedding a tear
exposing a fear
I hold them like a jewel
And I will guard them with all I’ve got
You will learn
That you are safe
I am safe.
The world is still frightful
but we can weather it

Until then,
I will continue gathering
the jewels of your experience
placing them carefully in safe of
my heart.
Polishing your armor when you need it
and wielding a sword on your behalf.
One day,
weary warrior
you will set aside your arms
& I will welcome you
into mine.

(c) Lisa Vallejos, 2014


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