Surrender means to love without limits. It means to relax your guard so your lover can feel your core–authentic, unhidden, and undefended. Your muscles relax. Your breath becomes full. Your body and heart willingly open to your lover. If you are hurt, then you are hurt, but in any case you practice to remain open and full, like the ocean. ~ David Deida

This is what it’s about for me…this is what I want in relationship. The shallow-guarded-hidden-withdrawn-fearful of true intimacy doesn’t do it for me. I want to see and be seen. I want to show up, naked, unashamed, raw and the glory of who I am and I want my lover-friend-partner to do the same. I am not interested in shallow connections–lets meet in the deeper places where our souls connect & our hearts touch. Meet me in the depths of my story & invite me into yours. No more walls. No more barriers. No more hiding-dancing-retreating.

Life extends an invitation to live from the deeper places & is awaiting our collective RSVP. If there is one thing that is clear to me now more than anything it is that I want to dive deeper and I want fellow journeyers to go with. I want to ride the edge of my existence, push my own boundaries & drink every drop of bliss I can find.


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