What’s so great about average?

Life as I used to live it is starting to bore me. I find myself craving more excitement, more fun, more adventure. My most recent fantasy is to throw caution to the wind and become a Bohemian, living wherever the wind might take my. My responsibilities tether me to the Earth while my mind soars.

Average bores me. I want to taste excitement, to feel the thrills racing through my veins. I want to dance on the edge of my limits and laugh in the face of my fears. I want to be bare, open-hearted, torn open and exposed, reckless but not careless. I feel caged by mediocrity and want to break the shackles of convention.

The walls I erected as protection are coming down. Some quickly fall away and some I am tearing down, one at a time. When I feel that old familiar fear, I push back and each time, I get stronger. Soon, there will be no more walls. No more fear. No more trepidation or hesitation but a boldness that will surprise even me.


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