Getting There



“I’m getting there”

“Someday, I’ll be there”

How many times have you heard someone say something like this?  How many times have YOU said it?  Everyone seems to focused on getting “there”…to the next career move, to the next relationship, to the altar, to parenting, to some distant goal in the future where everything will magically come together.

Except when it doesn’t happen.  Because “there” is a moving target…it’s a myth our culture has sold us.  There is no “there” because once you get “there”, there’s a new “there” to reach.  When you are in high school, college is “there”.  In “college”, marriage or career is “there”.  When you get settled into your career, your next promotion is “there” and then retirement is “there”.  You can spend your whole life trying to get “there” and never actually arrive.

Trying to get “there” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you make the mistake of thinking that getting “there” will be the key to your happiness.  Getting “there” is about setting goals and taking steps to achieve them which is absolutely a great idea, provided that you can learn to be fulfilled here while on the way to “there”.  The key is celebrating where you are now while on your way to achieving your goals.  One of my mentors reminded me recently that even after 30 years, there is still plenty of learning to be done.

There is no “there”…there is only here, right now.  It’s how you use “here” and “now” that create the best “there”.


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