Existentialism & Relationships

I had a friend ask me earlier why, with all of my focused training and dedication to study Existential psychotherapy, did I decide to focus on relationships.  It’s a good question.  After all, I’ve spent the last 10+ years immersing myself in existentialism and will have completed my PhD in Psychology & have completed a specialized training in practicing as an Existential Psychotherapist.

My reason is really simple; I think that relationships…the struggle to find them, keep them, maintain them and accept when they end provide some of the richest and most fertile ground for exploring the deeper questions of living.  If you’ve ever had a first date after a break up that doesn’t go so well (no spark, no chemistry, just blah) you have experienced it.  When you get home and the loneliness hits you, you are belly to belly with loneliness and isolation.  As a Dating and Relationship Coach, I can help people learn to be more honest and authentic to who they are, which is a major theme in Existential psychotherapy.  I can help people become more responsible in their relationships, both with self and others.  I can use my training to assist people in finding their own freedom to choose/become/be and to live life on their terms while being conscious of the impact they have on others.  Relationships, in my opinion, can be some of the best ways to crack open life and get to the deeper and more meaningful questions of existence!  After all, it is relationship that has caused most of our suffering in our lives…doesn’t it make sense that healing will occur in that same space?

I am thrilled to have found an area that is so vital and important to so many people and will continue to use all the skills & training I have to create programs, courses & coaching to help individuals create authentic & thriving relationships. ❤


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