Reason 101 To heed intuition

I had a client send me a message earlier this week.  A guy she met on a dating site and communicated with had asked her to meet.  They exchanged numbers and were going to have a call.  Shortly after she gave him her number, she received a notification from a monitoring service that she subscribes to indicating that someone had found her via Google.  She looked into it and saw that it was the guy she was going to meet for a drink.  She contacted me cause she was wary but wanted my perspective.  When I asked for more information, I discovered that she had only given him her first name & phone number which means that he must have googled her phone number which then led to her name and other personal information.  She was (understandably so) a bit creeped by this.  However, she was unsure if she was “overreacting” so she called me.

My feedback?  When in doubt, don’t.  If you feel uncomfortable, honor that and trust your inner knowing.  She finally responded to his texts & let him know she was uncomfortable with what happened.  His response was complete defensiveness and she stated she wasn’t interested in meeting after all.  He sent her another text that said “f**k off, you c**t”.  Whoa.  Totally over the top and abusive.

I share this to tell you…always trust your intuition.  Although she could have ignored this, she chose to listen and it is obvious she dodged a bullet with this guy.  Even when there seems to be a little reason or even no reason, if your intuition tells you something, listen to it. You owe no explanations and no apologies for saying “no” to something that bugs you.



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