The Feminine Feminist

A feminine feminist?

Oh Boy.  Talk about a loaded title.  I feel like it’s important to address something that always comes up in discussions about femininity:  the feminist movement.  Women and men often ask, “isn’t promoting femininity setting back the women’s movement 50 years?”.  To that, I say no.  It’s not.  Here’s why.

The Feminist Movement gave women something that we didn’t have before: choice.  We were able to choose who we wanted as politicians, husbands, whether we wanted careers, families or both and worlds were opened up to us.  We were able to become college educated, CEO’s, leaders, businesswomen, lawyers, doctors & many of the barriers we were bound by before came crashing down.   I am so eternally grateful for the women pioneers who paved the way for the rest of us and balk at the idea that somehow, what I am teaching might set that back.  As with many changes, as the Feminist movement gained momentum, the social pendulum swung to the complete opposite side.  Whereas women previously were expected to be wives & mothers, suddenly marriage & family were looked down on as education and professional careers took center stage.   Women stepping into male dominated arenas quickly learned that they had to become one of the boys to remain competitive and be successful.  Women marched to the tune of “I am woman, hear me roar” and pinned photos of Rosie the Riveter around the cities.  Women systematically set aside feminine qualities as they learned to be independent, self-sufficient & increasingly masculine.

I am not encouraging nor advocating for a return to strict gender roles.  I don’t believe that a woman’s place is in the home or that women aren’t capable of doing most of the things men can do.  I am, however, advocating for a return to choice as opposed to living out of reactivity.  Instead of adopting beliefs based on what has been passed down, I am asking women to get in touch with their hearts & desires, asking themselves what THEY want and not what is expected of them.

It is possible to be powerful, successful, impacting  AND feminine.  It is possible to engage with the world from an authentically feminine place and be a CEO.  It is possible to surrender our need for control & sit back, allowing good things to come to us without grasping or chasing after them.  It is not only possible, but necessary for women to step back into their authentic feminine selves and to allow themselves to be the light this world needs.



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